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Album Mastering Are you interested in album mastering, audio mastering, cd mastering or music mastering? Contact us today.

A&R Music Industry Contacts Further your music career by contacting top record label a&r, music managers, producers, agents and publishers.

Audio Mastering - Need audio mastering, album mastering, cd mastering, audio mastering or music mastering? Check out our website.

Ryan Clement New Hip Hop Artist and Music Producer, has a song in a movie called Daltry Calhoun produced by Quentin Tarantino, starrring Johnny Knoxville and Juliette Lewis.

TAXI: the world's leading independent A&R company helping unsigned bands, artists and songwriters get record deals, publishing deals and placement in films and TV shows.

Music Business: Producers, your resource for digital media information, articles, news, tips and more.

Artistopia - The Ultimate Music and Artist Resource
Artistopia is the first company that delivers a clear, potent, and qualified strategy for independent music artists and music industry professionals to come together under one roof and speak one language - potential success! 

Music Record Labels: Get connected with music record labels, contact a&r, independent music labels, music management companies and more.

Hip Hop Samples offers hip hop samples, music contests, music production guides, and music contracts for modern musicians.

Music Contacts - Send your music to the most successful music industry contacts in the world including A&Rs, Music managers, Record labels and artist management companies currently accepting unsolicited material and demo submissions.

A and R - Contact Americas most successful a and r executives and get your music to the people that matter. A and R accepting demos now!

Akai MPC Hip Hop Samples offers music samples and loops for musicians using AkaiMPC drum machines for composing music. Our domain name is now over 9 years old and that's good SEO news when linking with us.

Royalty Free Music
Desc: Royalty free music downloads, premium production music library, royalty free sound effects. Listen online, purchase and download music and sound effects instantly. Free loops and sounds.

Casting Calls - is the best place to find casting calls. Our new casting section allows casting directors and other industry professionals to post their casting calls, gigs, and projects for aspiring talent to enter.

Radio Luisteren
Description: Radio luisteren via Internet. Klik en luister naar naar je favoriete radio zender, online radio luisteren. - Listen to Dutch Radio.

Upload Song FIle Or Zip Folder

Please browse for your Song File/Folder to upload... To upload multiple files please use WinZip, Stuffit, or WinRar to Zip the Files up into one File/Zip Folder to upload.


Make sure that you leave a little bit of head room (3 to 6 dB) so that we have room for Analog EQ and Mastering Compression. The loudest point in your Song (or the peak) should be between -3 to -6db with no limiter or compression on overall Song/Mix, Compression is ok if you use it correctly on a separated track in the mix but not on the Song/Main Mix as a whole. The biggest mistake people make is sending us Audio Files/Songs that are too hot, clipping, limited or compressed. Learn more about audio clipping. (audio)

At Ryan Clement Mastering, if you don't get a hold of our customer service in the first few attempts. Please leave a message which includes your phone number & email address so we know who you are (we get around 100 phone calls a day, you will probably get a quicker response if you email us)

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