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Ryan Clement

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Phone: 818 459 2004


Phone: (818) 459-2004 (if you can't reach us by phone please leave a message & include your phone number). We get over 100 phone calls a day so text or email us please!

CD Mastering

Here at Ryan Clement CD Mastering we are positive that once you here the sound quality, warmth, thickness and levels our CD Mastering labs produce, you will send us every song that you ever recorded. Our CD Mastering rates are unbelievable! You can send us your songs one at a time or the whole album at once. We will keep a log of your Audio Mastering settings on every piece of gear in order to keep track of all your CD Mastering sessions. Your songs will always sound consistent together and will have the same peak and RMS! Audio Mastering with our company will always add the proper punch, warmth, thickness and clarity to your sound. Your songs will be as high in volume/peak/RMS level as all the radio ready songs that you hear on major label releases. All the songs on your demo or album will also be consistent with each other.

What Are You Waiting For!

Along with your Audio or Data CD please include a money order payable to Ryan Clement with the correct amount. Be sure to Include your contact information and specify which package deal you want. If you only want one song mastered the price will be $25.00 and we can do it in one hour unless we contact you or its outside of our business hours. Full length Album Mastering 9-13 songs is on special right now for $175 and 9-20 song albums will be shippped overnight/express back to you and we will pick up the shipping charges. Who else offers free shipping? If you are not happy with our Audio CD Mastering after you put it in any audio system we will have another engineer master your songs again absolutely free.

Payment Options.

Mastering Prices

We accept US Postal Service money orders, obtainable at any United States Post Office.

Send your Audio or Data CD to the address below!

Call For Mailing Address!

Phone: 818 459 2004

Remember to make money orders payable to Ryan Clement, Founder of our CD Mastering Company.

Please include your contact information including your name, address, phone number and email address incase we need to contact you.

Upload Song FIle Or Zip Folder

Please browse for your Song File/Folder to upload... To upload multiple files please use WinZip, Stuffit, or WinRar to Zip the Files up into one File/Zip Folder to upload.


Make sure that you leave a little bit of head room (3 to 6 dB) so that we have room for Analog EQ and Mastering Compression. The loudest point in your Song (or the peak) should be between -3 to -6db with no limiter or compression on overall Song/Mix, Compression is ok if you use it correctly on a separated track in the mix but not on the Song/Main Mix as a whole. The biggest mistake people make is sending us Audio Files/Songs that are too hot, clipping, limited or compressed. Learn more about audio clipping. (audio)

At Ryan Clement Mastering, if you don't get a hold of our customer service in the first few attempts. Please leave a message which includes your phone number & email address so we know who you are (we get around 100 phone calls a day, you will probably get a quicker response if you email us)

TEXT: 818 478 1038 Email: